What is Next Chapter?

Providing female founders with knowledge, tools & education to help them get funded

We are a platform that offers services and information to female-led businesses, this involves a directory of organisations and communities that actively invest and support women. As well as useful resources such as pitch deck templates, investor insights and business tools to help founders prepare themselves for approaching investors.



Funding Scoop

Read our  latest funding scoop! We release a bi-weekly scoop on your latest female focused funding, with knoweldge on new companies to watch out for, information on who’s investing in who and latest female founder insights.

Funding Directory

FULL ACCESS to our directory, aggregating female friendly capital options available to women business owners and investors. 

Online Course

Online Funding COURSE on funding options, investor insights, templates, checklists, and worksheets.


Create a CAMPAIGN with our platform for FREE and use "the crowd" – to launch or grow your business.

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Our Funding Directory

We have brought together a directory of different funding organisations, listed their funding focuses, application process and special reason ‘why we like them’.

We understand the importance of women supporting women so we have specifically found organisations that actively invest in women founders or have a senior female executive in their management team.

Step 1

Register and complete the payment process using the link below.

Step 2

Use our filters to narrow your search, if you are not sure how to choose, read our funding types guide to help you.

Step 3

Discover if the investor or company suits your needs, you can go directly to their site or contact us for more info.

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Online "Get Funding Savvy" Course

This is an online course for growth-oriented female founders to help them demystify the funding process and develop their business.

Our goal is to provide an overview of the three stages of funding relative to what stage your business is in. We aim to give you the knowledge and tools required to prepare you to confidently meet with investors with your funding ask and business plan.



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Our Crowdfunding website

Have a project, idea or a business that you want to crowdfund? Next Chapter provides a funding portal for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. Our focus is on businesses by women, creating products and services that women will love.

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The problem we solve :

Women-owned businesses struggle to obtain the necessary know-how to overcome barriers for raising capital and access investment funding for their businesses.  This reduces the pipeline of innovation and restricting economic development in many countries.

Who we solve this for?

Female-led businesses looking to grow their business through increased funding and the related need for learning, community and information to better access direct funding.

Frustrations with current solutions

Each founder or investor has different needs, wants and expectations around the capital they are looking to source.  Often they are starting from a point of limited contacts or knowledge related to funding. Furthermore, finding funding is a time-consuming process, we hope our funding directory of funding organisations and founder investment pitches will make the process easier and faster!  

Why is now the right time to solve it?

There is growth globally in female entrepreneurship not yet matched in terms of funding support. We want to be part of the growing movement.